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Revision takes place in Studio A of the photography department at Chung Ang University in Anseong. In collaboration with the first semester students, the exhibition reviews student graduation catalogues called Vision from 1979 to 2017 and various paper files from a pre-digital age from a current perspective. Those documents had been stored in shelves in front covering two large windows for many years. Revision reverses a dark space into a site-specific exhibition reminiscent of an excavation site, where natural light through windows exposes space and archive again.



Studio A before Revision






2018, paper collage,  CAU catalogues, paper files, metal shelf, wood shelf, wood board



In Revision parts of the archive become temporarily dislocated and reorganized. Horizontally lying shelves serve as pedestals for all Vision catalogues are laid out in chronological order as an open library. In glass cabinet, former student files are displayed and offer an intimate glimpse against the backdrop of the university’s history. In collaboration with the current first semester students, black and white photocopied photographs of the presented Vision catalogues have been used to make collages papered on two large standing boards representing four periods of approximately 10 years. While the catalogues give a historical overview of the photography department, the student's collages appropriate those "visions“, transform them into ongoing revisions and ahistorically bring them to life.





Exhibition views:

Students making collages

Studio A before Revision