Studio Index 1993 - 20__, detail

Studio Index 1993 - 20__, detail

Studio Index 1993 - 20__, detail

mimesis, imitation, copy, doppelganger, lookalike, impersonation, reenactment, fetish, face, skin, mask, memory, pool, persona, container, packaging, technology, collection, archive, gift, economy, hybrid, craft, replica, commodity, fact, fiction, original, authenticity, identity, shape-shifter, transfer, reflection, shadow, ghost, death, home, household, museum, prothesis, artists, exotic, gaze, possession, anthropomorphic, animism, pattern, ornament, uncanny, vampire, tourism, usurpation, appropriation, mimicry, absence, void, fossile, decay, seriality, storage,



work index

In Studio Index every artist who worked in the Rijksakademie van beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, since 1993, has been registered on the building's floor plan. Each artist's name is listed by year and is located in the studio he and she used during the residency.

The index gives a historical overview and serves as a remainder in a grid of names and architecture of the institution. This kind of portrait allows to follow the assignments of artist and space, their possible relationship over a stretch of time, and it invites to speculate about ambitions, expectations and oblivion.

Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, lobby, 2017




Studio Index


2012-ongoing_, digital file, print, various sizes, b&w



Studio Index is an ongoing work that has been given  to the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten for a continuously update of new data.




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