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Exhibition view 'Friendly Patterns' 2017, Flo Maak, Sascha Pohle, Galerie Bernard Knaus Fine Art, Frankfurt

Passage, pedestal with 8 textiles, background Flo Maak String Stories, photographs


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Passage are knitted wools with abstract patterns that are based on digital photographs of different asphalt and concrete floors of sites in a city. Recalling Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project, the unfinished collection of fragmented texts, Passage approaches an area in public space, worthless broken floor, from the perspective of the flaneur that becomes translated into soft and mobile terrain.

more info about the exhibitiob of Flo Maak and Sascha Pohle:


Pohle’s textiles are produced just across from Shinheung market in one of the few remaining knitting factories of Haebangchon. Each textile depicts a photograph of the market’s floor - an undescribed and mostly overlooked visual detail of our urban surrounding. The floor with its multiple layers of concrete, cracks and different shades of grey, resembles a disordered patchwork that randomly developed over a certain stretch of time.

Friendly Patterns is an attempt to deal with the role of art in the urban renewal and regeneration process applied to the current transition of Shinheung Market, where Space One is located. The title of the show, Friendly Patterns, not only evokes association with positive „friendlya“ qualities, but also implies an aberration of the expression "friendly fire" (the bombardment by one’s own troops), in which a safe zone or home is accidentally put in danger by its own inhabitants.





In the context of the market’s regeneration process, Pohle’s “knitted” photographs imply revaluation as a twisted notion. By means of exhibiting an urban fragment within its own spatial and temporal context, the work showcases its ambivalent status that alternates amongst artifact and consumer good, visual remainder and fashion scarf.

Installation views: Friendly Patterns, Flo Maak, Sascha Pohle, Space One, Seoul, 2016

Friendly Patterns, Flo Maak, video, sound

Friendly Patterns, Flo Maak and Sascha Pohle, engraved mirror, neon lights







2016 / 2017, knitted textile, 50% wool, 50% acryl,

approx. 130 cm x 70 cm, 270 cm x 70 cm

The knitted wools represent the various working and living places of the artist, which however have been so much abstracted in the work that site-specificity is not that relevant anymore. Knitted photographs and fragments of places constitute a tangible and imaginary journey. This becomes reinforced by the ongoing changing presentation of the wools - folded and always arranged differently with an endless possibility of shapes and new patterns. Sometimes the wools in Passage remind of valuable fashion items and sometimes of folding maps.



( photographs: Flo Maak)