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Lo and Behold is a performative presentation, which consists of a series of colourful woven baskets and a photograph both displayed on a large table. Covered by a glass plate the full-size filling photograph depicts various types of hued moths gathering on a net against a black background. On the glass sit the baskets made out of different plastic twines and adorned with simple floral ornaments evoking associations with empty cocoons or with some kind of modern and antique vases from different cultures. During the exhibition, a performer occasionally rearranges the baskets on the table and sets them in visual relationship to the moths in the photograph. Lo and Behold continuously performs an indefinite aimless study of touching wobbling objects, of matching and adjusting different shapes and colours.

'Lo and Behold', or look and see, is a phrase in English used to present a new scene or turn of events, often with the suggestion that although surprising could in fact have been predicted. Sascha Pohle’s Lo and Behold doesn’t pin specimens under a showcase but intends to spin an open net of interjections that oscillate between inside and outside, object and image, original and copy, transformation and mimicry, stillness and motion inviting the beholder to speculate where moths and baskets may come from and will go to.



Baskets crafted by Seo Un Lee.


Exhibition view, Glancing into the Sun, Hongcheon Art Museum, 2018

Performer: Youn Soon Lee


Lo and Behold


2018, table, colour photograph, plastic baskets, dimensions variable, performer